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Due to long standing personal, political, musical and business differences, Mammal has decided it cannot continue and is no more.

Ezekiel Ox will be releasing the debut album for his folk/rock outfit THE OX AND THE FURY early 2010, as well as continuing to work with super-producer and long time friend Forrester Savell on their new incarnation SMASH NOVA. He will also continue his activist work with Musicians Against Police Violence (MAPV) and Melbourne Copwatch.

Pete, Nick and Zane will continue to work together with a new project scheduled for 2010.

We would like to thank all of our families and friends for all their love and support over these last 4 years. We would also like to give thanks and love to all the great bands we have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with, in particular Cog – a big thank you for giving us our start.
But most importantly we wish to thank the fans for their unbelievably loyal and heartfelt support which gave us the opportunity to play some amazing shows, to release our records and travel the world. We will never forget these times.

Peace, Love and Music.


79 Responses to “MAMMAL SPLIT”

  1. Brianna Says:

    Wow. Shattered. I think I’ve seen about 10 of your live gigs, and they just kept getting better. Thank you all for keeping me thoroughly entertained for the last couple of years, and for assisting in reincarnating my love of live music. Props.

  2. Kandi Says:

    Very shocked and sad to hear about the whale tail’s demise. What I loved about Mammal was that you all seemed to contribute equally, no prima donnas and no fifth wheel.
    Thanks for some great gigs and signing a poster for our kids (that’s going straight to the music room!) and here’s hoping whatever you all do next is as inspiring and downright ROCKIN’ as Mammal was. Salud!

  3. Diamond Dale Says:

    Zek,Sad to hear the breakdown news of the fantastic Mammal but thats the way the cookie crumbles eh.We met at The Evely when you had just put Full Scale together at a gig by Another Race/Biscut (another sick band) and we chatted about stuff and Ive loved all the gigs by both bands and look forward to catchin the next Zek project.All the best to the rest of the band also and look forward to seeing you guys at a show soon….ONE DOOR CLOSES AND ANOTHER OPENS! KEEP IT REAL FELLAS.cheers Diamond Dale

  4. Hey Says:

    Noooooooooo :(

    Please be an early april fools joke :/

    If not, this sucks and good luck in the future :<

  5. ange robinson Says:

    sad day:( … can’t wait to hear ‘The Ox and the Fury’ album!!!!!!!!

  6. Satyr Says:

    Sad to hear it guys. I’ve been a big fan since i heard Aural Underground, and i’ve always thought you had the chops to make a dent in this barren landscape of play-it-safe rock here in oz.

    Gunna miss the funk, was an honour to see you live at GTM townsville, and all the best for future projects.

  7. Chiso Says:

    That’s so shit! You guys were easily the best live band going round in Aus! Really disappointing just when big things were happening.

  8. nick Says:

    noooooooo nooooo no im devistated. good luck lads it was great while it lasted!!! you guys had an energy live which will have an after glow for many years to come. im brocken. ive brought a bottle of red and im gonna drown my sorrows!! and you said it “IF AT FIRST YOU DONT FUCKING SUCEED THEN WE SHALL TRY TRY AGAIN!” thanks for the fun times

  9. Shane Says:

    Shattered i couldn’t come out to see you guys one last time

  10. Gavin Says:

    mammal will be severely missed, good luck with the new projects guys, can we still get merchandise? i would like to stock up on hoodies and the new cd, i was going to get them at the next gig but… Gav

  11. adam Says:

    we will miss u guys hope everyting goes well and i guess we all hope u do some 1 off gigs ion the future

  12. James Says:

    Sad news. I shoot a lot of gigs – Mammal has always been at the top of my list of favourite bands to photograph. Love to you all fellas – thanks for the great times!

    I put together a little tribute gallery of my favourite 15 photographs to commemorate the sad occasion…

  13. Sean Says:

    that’s a real big shame, i hope u guys have good luck with your new projects.

  14. Bean Says:

    Meh, well this sucks. Loved the music and was looking forward to some new material. Now I am stuck with tickets to The Answer and no real reason to go :( Good luck to you guys.

  15. Dan Says:

    GUTTED!!!! Just bought tickets to see you support “the answer” in Manchester!! i only bought the tickets too see you guys again! Saw you earler in the year and you were AMAZING!!! Oh well looks liks the Answer tickets are goin on Ebay! Good luck guys with what you decide to do!!

  16. Dan H Says:

    It is always a shame to see such a fundamental band break up just as they begin to take a firm grip on the charts across the world. Mammal will surely be missed by all who had encounters with them. Good luck with all the future products and long live the great sonic vibrations!

  17. Kezzy Says:

    Sad news guys :( Many rad times were had at your shows…

  18. Jessica Says:

    As much as i love Mammal i have to say ‘Get over yourselves and Bloody continue’…. I cant believe it!

  19. Jasmin Says:

    you guys suck get back together!!!!!

  20. Stevo Says:

    I am devastated to hear of the split. No band has had the energy and stage presence like you guys for decades. Your music rocked my world.Thanks for all the great gigs and memories. I will still continue to tell the world how fukn exellent your music is.Sort ya shit out and give the world more of MAMMAL! Gunna miss your mosh pits!!

  21. Terry D Says:

    NOOOOO! Fuck me you guys were one of the highlights of Big Day Out Gold Coast this year – regretted no seeing the whole set. Went out and bought a T-shirt (after illegally downloading your fucking incredible album) – was looking forward to seeing you again. Have used my stolen treasure to gain new fans so I don’t feel so bad. If there’s any chance of a resolution please make it happen. Plenty of bands feed off the tension – please hold it together for us – and yourselves – you guys are on the cusp of greatness.

  22. Chris Says:

    Sad to hear this guys. No chance a a farewell tour? Well at least in adelaide….

  23. Tom J Says:

    I cant believe it, Australias most influential live rock act is no more. Well good luck to you all. R.I.P


  24. Ponix Says:

    Good Luck Gentleman….
    I hope you find what you’re looking for in your future endeavors. Hell Yeah will resonate within the (r)evolution. Remember, “beware of the lollipop of mediocrity, lick it once and you will suck forever”
    Peace, light and music….

  25. Shannon Says:

    Man, Big disapointment…
    Followed Zane from Jika to Mammal, and man what a rush Mammal was… all the best fellas…play music…not politics

  26. Richard Says:

    SPEWING!!!! all i can say……

  27. Matt Says:

    HELL NO!!!

  28. Belinda Says:

    So so sad!! You guys have got to be up there with the best live band i’ve ever seen!!! You will be missed majorly but i look forward to seeing and supporting the new projects as i did Mammal. And would also like to know about stocking up on merch while i still can. Cheers guys, best of luck! xox

  29. dave Says:

    are you fucking kidding??

    man, what a damn bloody shame. thought you boys were going to take the world.

  30. Wayde Christie Says:

    Good luck Pete, Nick and Zane – will keep an eye out for your new stuff.

  31. Adam Says:

    This is really like a worst nightmare, last night I watched the full scale dvd, and was thinking about how sad it was to see them go, now Mammal, your crushing me Zeke

  32. Jeremy Says:

    Just heard the news and I must say I am devastated. Mammal will be sorely missed. Hands down, best band I have seen in recent years. It is said that “those with the brightest lights, do burn out quicker”… Good luck with all future projects.

  33. Alan Says:

    Tragic!!! Just bought your excellent cd, viewed your vids endlessly, just wanted to book a ticket for the manchester gig, my heart sank to read this news,
    You guys are fucking devastating and were my new noise.(“Refused”)
    Good luck with your future ventures, sorry i never got to see you live.

  34. Lisa Says:

    Devoed…..for some reason you think your favourite band will be around forever. There were so many more fun times to be had with mammal. I feel like I never got a chance to say goodbye….devoed. All the best to all of you :(

  35. John Says:

    I’m sick of these pussy bands calling it quits and bailing on their fans! It happens all the time! You guys are just soft cocks. I have guys that i work with who i dont get along with but i do it anyway cos i have people who depend on me! How is that any different from what you guys do.

  36. Deanna Amato Says:

    OH NO!!!! i will miss your gigs soooo much!!! and follow y’all careers seperately… please add me to whatever updates zeke will be doing as well as the remaining members, i’d also love a hoodie before they become extinct…. the car sticker stays. peace x

  37. spok Says:

    it all has to be zeke.s fault.. His ego fucks every band he has been in. You gotta stop thinking your so good. Mammal was awesome. One of the best live shows. To do a no show on sat for space was fucked… Zeke your a sell out fag… I hope no one has time for you now since you fucked over the only people that keep you thinking your so good/your fans! To pete, nick and zane all the best for your next project. Looking forward to see what you guys get up to. So kick ass! Look forward to seeing zeke working at the local coles ha ha ha. Have i painted a portrait or picture thats clear enough! And kudos to mm9 for an awsome show

  38. Jordana Says:

    absolute tragedy….I rocked up to the gig on 31/10 so excited to rock out and was met with a poor substitute band and news you’d split – almost cried, all the best with your future endeavours thanks for the good tunes

  39. Michael Says:

    This blows!! you guys were an amazing band. its such a shame i personally thought you guys had the potential to be huge! You guys will be missed and its sad that the rest of the rock fans out there will not be able to experience one of your shows. its a sad day!

  40. Ali D Says:

    Thank god i saw you in Birmingham….you were awesome, foe god’s sake get over yourselves and get back together for the sake of decent ROCK!!!

  41. France Says:

    Deja vu…

  42. Liam Says:

    Serious bummer, I was really excited about seeing you guys play with the answer in Dublin. You were the best new band in years. Can’t wait to hear what you do next. Feliciter!

  43. Annie Says:

    This is devastating news. You guys were the best, the music, the engergy, the passion … All I can say is thanks so, so much and I look forward to the next chapter. All the best guys.

  44. Sammy Says:

    Well what devistating new!!! :(
    As i have learnt receantly even great things dont last and I will say this…
    I have seen fuk load of live shows but you guys top the lot and il remember them forever.. so glad i went to the espy i love you mammal il still rok ur tunes
    Peace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  45. Phil Says:

    pete, nick and zane cant wait to see your new project next year. Find some one with the energy Zeke had without the ego and you’ll kick ass. Can’t wait boys

  46. Down under Blunder Says:

    To ,the fans of Mammal and the band. You all were on the cusp of greatness. You all are grown men who have diffrent views on life. That is a fact but you all did record the last CD TOGETHER RIGHT ? So you aLL WERE IN AGREEMENT WITH EACH TRACK . So why now do you have diffreances ?
    Ego’s aside you all came a long way in just 3 or 4 yrs. Most bands in the world only wish to have the success you all had.
    Take some time off regroup and let cooler heads prevail. This an EPIC fail on all parts. Suck it up and walk tall and be who you are All for one and one for all . The rest of the world has not had a chance to hear or see you. I guess you will reap what you sow when the money stops coming in from all the gigs. Then and only then will you look in the mirror and ask yourself WHY WHY DID WE BREAK UP.
    please get a medator to help solve all your problem it will help. Life is to short and AUS is only so big I’m sure you all can work it out. You all where friends at one time …..
    “When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends”
    Japanese Proverb

  47. Jason Says:

    Don’t be silly gentlemen. It’s not over yet… Please?

  48. cat Says:

    badtimes:( hope you keep the message alive. damn:(

  49. Blakey Says:

    The question is…………..could Mammal work with someone other than Zeke

  50. Todd Says:

    god dammit… good luck with whatever ya’s end up doing.. i’ll be sure to keep an ear out.

    just a real pity really, at least the three of you guys are sticking together!

  51. BT Says:

    ah fuck! this shit sucks..

    ah well, better luck for the future boys!


  52. Aaron Williams Says:

    another one bites the dust . . .

    the Mammal breakup yet more evidence of no god or an indifferent/incompetant deity. Why else would Mammal be allowed to breakup but Nickelback to endure. Oh cruel world!

    I’m devastated; like many other people pouring out their hearts and thoughts on this grief forum. Ever since my brother slipped me a copy of the first EP I’ve been a Mammal junkie. Daily mainlining every release as they were released I’ve got some painful withdrawls ahead.

    And the live show(s)simply transcendent . . . wish there was more.

    Gone to Soon

    Perhaps it is better to burn out than to fade away.
    Thanks for releasing so much inspirational material in such a short time. If there are any demos/random self indulgent jam tapes lying around, don’t be shy and let them see the light of day.


  53. Can't be Saved Says:

    The best always have too many hot head selfish individuals running the band. Not hard to see who was the problem in this break-up. Best of luck to Pete, Nick and Zane. Ez ya knob.

  54. elise Says:

    My very favourite band since June 07 when you showed me something new and exciting at Come Together.
    The news is devastating, i’m really, really sad.
    And a little disappointed/teetering on the verge of being angry about the canned show in Sydney last week. Not the best way to end it but hey, the time we had to enjoy Mammal was amazing…

  55. Jen Says:

    It would seem the song “religion” now has little to no meaning.

  56. Tim Says:

    piss weak!

  57. Adam Says:

    This really pisses me off!!

  58. Sean Says:

    My partner and i are shattered Big time!!!! You guys were our inspiration when shit got too tough,
    but, it seems like circumstances got too tough for you guys. I aren’t privy to the bands inner
    conflicts, but if you guys are fighting over money, you all need a good foot in the fucking ass. The
    first time we ever saw you guys, we had travelled to the Groovin the Moo festival in Bendigo, we
    had never seen you live before, or heard much of your music, but we came away from that first
    experience absolutely fucking mightily impressed. In our opinion you were the highlight of the
    event,without a doubt. From that, we purchased every thing you had recorded and has been
    fucking thrashed ever since (even our neighbours would know your music but not the bands
    name. ) There was a time when our neighbours were partying next door, playing their shit fairly
    loud, so, me being me, took my speakers onto our deck an decided to give them a dose of real
    music at ear splitting levels… 3 in the morning!!!!! Smash the Pinata should now be etched into
    their mainstream little minds………….So guys, circumstances our out of my control, if the split is
    forever, we will continue to be inspired by your music nevertheless, and we wish you all the best
    for your new musical endeavours. We will try to follow each of your chosen paths, i just hope its as
    good as it was when your were all as one. Good Luck guys….Rock on….Sean + Jewels

  59. DamO Says:

    I will continue to support you all. But from a fan to the band, please give us a farewell, one last fucking out of this world gig, give us something great to remember you by, not as an amazing band that called it quits without saying goodbye. Fucking shattered

  60. Zzz Says:

    Why?? ok u are all persons..but maaan ur music was keeping me alive.If not Zeke than who ? Onlz Original MaMMAL is great ! untill then waiting for the ComeBacK! love . luck and music to u , my friends.
    Greetings from Europe (in Mind) and RuSsia (from Heart )

  61. Caz Says:

    So shocked and sad. You guys are all amazing and I wish we could all go back relive those amazing gigs we’ve been to now! And we thought it would last forever….

  62. Col Says:

    Dude Nooooo wayyyyyy!

    I didnt even egt to see you guys, youre music, jsut brought out a better side to me, and im really pi$$ed that I never got to see you guys.

    You should all get back together, for the sake of youth and the sake of rock music!

    Mammal 4 the future

  63. Sy Says:

    I think Mammal should continue without that Ox-tail (lol!) Get a new guy in, if not work as a three-piece and get a new album out soon. Piss weak reasons for the split – even the Wiki-page has all but Zeke references removed. WTF is that? Money sucks gentlemen. So long as you continue to inspire, you will have a home. You don’t know how f**king lucky you are. Grow the f**k up and play ya sh*t.

  64. richie b Says:

    never got to see you guys live, emigrating from ireland to aus in two weeks and was so looking forward to seeing u guys live :(

  65. Compton Says:

    A repeat of slash and axl’s performance or what??? Sort your shit out boys… Can’t be that bad

    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I seen you’s at the rosie in perth. Absolultey amazing. Terrible shame. Devastated

  66. Adelaide Says:

    While naturally it is with sadness I write this change is inevitable. Thanking you kindly for the incredible music you have given us and wishing you all the very best in your future endeavours.

    Peace out

  67. choppy Says:

    what a sad day it is to hear that the best aus band eva is no more all the gigs were good and was great to meet you all in person could not meet nicer peps hope you guys make a come back coz you rock!!!!

  68. choppy Says:

    sad day to hear the best aus band IS NO MORE that sux was good to meet you in person at roi bar in albuy hope you make a come back coz you guys ROCK!!!!!!

  69. hubear Says:

    totally gutted that the force that is mammal is no longer… please consider a farewell tour to give us something to remember you by.



  70. Ali Says:

    Aw hell NO! What is this madness? Thanks for all the brilliant gigs guys, looking forward to checking out the new projects (and dreading trying to find a band that can compare live) xx

  71. Jason Says:

    What a shame. Instead of the stock standard excuse that all bands use when they break up maybe the fans deserve to know the truth behind the break up! I’ve followed Full Scale and also Mammal and both bands rocked and had the potential to go on to great things, seriously, get over yourselves because you might not get another opportunity to make it in such a cut throat industry and you will all end up playing in cover bands in suburban pubs. Pull your head in boys, the music is more important than your petty little differences, get over it and move on.

    Anyway, now that I have had my rant, good luck to all of you with your future endeavours. ‘The circle can’t break if your reading the sign’s’

  72. Pete Says:

    Saw you guys in Freo then at Westdale Rocks and you made Living End look like the Spice Girls!! Can’t believe your splitting!! Thanks for making the rock real again :(

  73. Some Chick Says:

    What sad news!!! I have seen you guys at just about every melb gig since the first time i saw you guys at pyramid in my pjs at like 10am!!!

    on a more personal note – who ever wrote the lyrics “my strength…IS THAT I HAVE SOME” – I would like to personally thank you – your lyrics gave me the strength to get me out of a abusive relationship. you changed my life.

  74. Mike Says:

    Saw the band in Leeds earlier this year. Fantastic live act, vibrant, loud, loads of attitude, and a dancing crowd. I’ve not seen a band as fresh as you guys with good solid songs since Living Colour back in the 90′s. Will keep listening to the album but a real shame that you’re spltting. Good luck!

  75. Bert Says:

    Devastating news. I will cherish the 3 gigs I went to forever. The music lives forever and am thankful for that. Continue the revolution. Continue the anger.. HELL YEAH

  76. gaz Says:

    Just when my faith was restored in local live music, the best thing this country has seen comes to an abrubt end…the death of rock and roll! Thanks for the memories lads, you set the bar very high-Be Proud!
    love and respect

  77. Scotty Says:

    Westdale rock gig was the last time i had the chance of seeing you guys smash the heads of anyone who hasnt woken up yet. Keep up with the activism Zeke, u guys fucking rock hard and carry the message on through your future journey.
    Thanks for the goodtimes RESPECT.

  78. Tim Says:

    come on guys work it out and get back to doin what you do so well. This ox n the fury stuff is fucking shit

  79. Ash Says:

    Its a real shame boys I enjoyed every show I went to. If Rage Against The Machine could come back together hopefully Mammal can too. Peace Boys, Rock On!

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